Campus R&D Team developed a wide range of color systems designed to improve the color in the final applications.  

  • Allergen free
  • Clean label
  • 100% Vegetable
  • Easy soluble
  • Long lasting colors
  • No smells and off-taste
  • Solutions without ascorbic acid and sodium ascorbate
  • Oxidation stability
  • General meat-based applications
  • Vegan/Vegetarian preparations
  • 1002716_Natural Extract R - Color system based on vegetable extracts
  • 1003458_Campus Colex L-1 Plus - Color system based on vegetable extracts
  • 1003441_Campus Colex GA - Color improvement system designed for dry-fermented sausages
  • 1003450_Campus Colex 500 - Color system based on vegetable extracts
  • 1003443_Campus Colex 250 - Combination of vegetable and spice extracts with coloring properties

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