R&D, Pilot Plant and Campus Academy

R&D, Pilot Plant and Campus Academy

Our R&D Team works every day in developing innovative solutions and improving the existing ones.

The long experience of R&D Team is supported by our state-of-the-art Pilot Plant that allows us to work with our clients in an end-to-end collaboration, being able to develop customized products prototypes, starting from brand new ideas in an agile and fast manner.

  • Meat and meat analogs, seafood and seafood analogs, dairy and dairy analogs, cheese and cheese analogs: we’re able to test all the products we produce
  • Scaling up from laboratory to a full pilot production trial: this reduces the need for expensive changes and retrofits in clients’ factories
  • Allowing clients to view first-hand the benefits of Campus' ingredients on their products and receive full report of results
  • Continuously testing the functionality of new ingredients under real-life industrial conditions

Pilot Plant: both available in Italy and Mexico (MX: meat and meat analogs only).


Campus Academy is the perfect place for technical and commercial meeting with our customers, technicians, and distributors.

Our Academy is equipped with kitchens and pilot equipment for the food industry to produce on-site finished and semi-finished products to be used during the technical workshops.

Campus really cares about technical training of its employees, technicians, commercials, and distributors and has set up a specific Team dedicated to continuing training.

Campus Team supports our distributors and Customers by technical seminars in their own countries.


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