Enzyme Systems

Enzyme Systems

Thanks to its deep expertise in the meat industry, Campus team developed a range of complete and customizable systems for different meat applications.

  • Customizable solutions
  • Solutions allergen free
  • Clean label
  • Cost-saving
  • Phosphates free (available)
  • Easy soluble
  • Fast absorption
  • Great texturizing properties
  • No animal derivates (available)
  • Solutions Halal Certified
  • General meat-based applications
  • 1001712_Texture 500 TXP Campus - TG system based on pork proteins
  • 1001246_Binder CL-1000 VEG - Functional system created to improve texture and structure in emulsified and cooked meat products
  • 1002066_Repliphos 400 - Innovative blend for the total/partial replacement of phosphates in cooked meat products
  • 1001956_Reactyn CB100-M - Enzymatic preparation specifically designed for "cold meat binding"
  • 1001367_Reactyn M2 - TG system with high performances

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