Smart Proteins

Thanks to our strong experience in food ingredients for meat and dairy industries, we developed a wide range of tailor-made solutions to produce 100% Plant-based Meat/Fish/Cheese/Dairy/Sweet Alternative products.
Smart Proteins
Smart Proteins
Smart Proteins
Smart Proteins
Smart Proteins


  • Plant-based Proteins: our strong knowledge on plant-based proteins allow us to deliver best possible texture, bite and chew to the finished products
  • Functional Fibers: Improving the cooking experience (succulence) ensuring moisture and oil retention and release are as close as possible to meat proteins
  • Animal Fat Alternatives: our deep expertise in animal fat alternatives applied on meat application is now transferred also to meat analogue
  • Functional Blends: Cross-Ingredient's expertise to achieve best possible balance between texture, juiciness and nutritional profile


  • Easy to use (only water and oil to be added)
  • Competitive cost-in-use
  • Resistant to every cooking process and high temperature


  • FREE-FROM: Campus solutions are GMO free gluten free and lactose free (and soy free). We always put a lot of effort into provide safe solutions to answer our Customers' specific needs
  • BETTER FOR YOU: Campus solutions are developed to meet the consumers needs in terms of nutritional values (i.e. low fat, low salt, high in fibers and proteins)
  • SENSORIAL PLEASURE: Campus products maintain "real meat and dairy" appearance, taste and texture
  • CONVENIENCE: With one of Campus solution our customer can realize a broad range of different products, customizable in taste and shape


Plant-based Bacon
Plant-based Bratwurst
Plant-based Burger
Plant-based Burger with Vegetables
Plant-based Chicken Bites
Plant-based Chicken Steak
Plant-based Chipolata
Plant-based Chorizo
Plant-based Cold-Cut
Plant-based Fresh Sausage
Plant-based Meatballs
Plant-based Merguez
Plant-based Minced Meat
Plant-based Nuggets
Plant-based Sausage
Plant-based Sausage Roll
Plant-based Srambled Eggs
Plant-based Fish Stick
Plant-based Tuna
Plant-based Scallop
Plant-based High Melting Cheeses
Plant-based Cheese Nuggets
Plant-based Mozzarella
Plant-based Feta
Plant-based Spreadable Cheeses
Plant-based Mayonnaise
Plant-based Sauces (Ketchup, Mustard, BBQ...)
Plant-based Chocolate Dessert
Plant-based Yogurt
Plant-based Ice-Creams

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